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Heaven or Hell?


23 August
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I chose this to rant and add quotes.

If you refuse to talk to me because of what I'm wearing, it was worth it.

Even in broad daylight, a stained-glass window looks dark, lifeless, and foreboding--from the outside. But should you venture inside and look at it another way, you will find yourself amazed by the light, the vibrance, and a sense of peace and joy. Gothic culture is very much like a stained glass window.

What does it mean when you search google with one word and only get one hit?
You have a very specific fetish?

No Lord, no God, no hate, no pity, no pain, just ME.

all the technology in the world doesn't matter if the majority of your population is mind numbingly stupid.

Advice: remember to pillage BEFORE you burn!

Well im a lil tired of telling people what im like kuz people either dont belive it or think im some mushy fag. Well ill just say what my friends think about me. Im toby.