Tobi (saibot) wrote,

WoW Fuck you emo kids fuck the lot of you right in the fucking ASS

I havent played wow in about a week and well it feels good. I think I might be due for another 4 month break until the new expansion comes out. Fucking people. Loyalty? pfft back stabbing loot whores the lot of em.

So I had two groups going for kara at once... at one point there where 42 people in guild online at once. The whining in group 2 began *blah sucks at blah and if blah keeps doing blah i gquit.* Replaces blah with blah and tries again. *Blah is not as bad as blah but is doing blah thing and its anoying and if it doesnt stop i gquit*. Ugh okay tries to talk to blah2 *I dont want to do blah at all i quit* If i cant come to group 1 then I gquit. For fuck sake U CANT ALL THINK U ALL SUCKS AND IF U DO THAT MEANS U ALL SUCK!!!! if you all want to be in group 1 because group 2 sucks guess what? YOU SUCK!

So next day group 2 gquits most if not fucking all of em.

I am all ZOMG group 2 gquit aw fuck i dont care.

Next day. Group1 is hiding from whats left of group 2 group1 cant run anymore because their arnt the key classes online anymore! fucking fuck fuck!

Next day.... Fuck it i dont even want to play now *goes and does a heroic instead.*

Next day QQ ZOMG wtf i am being disrespected cus some one with a vagina has more rank than me *wow is fucking me* gquits like a fucking dumbass *has alt in guild who proceeds to kick EVERYONE he knew out of the guild so he can leech them to his old guild again. Who cant even run a fucking 5 man kus they are all FUCKING HUNTERS and RET PALADINS!

Next day well city of villans isnt bad and theres no stress about group size so u just kina make do with wtf ever you have and its fun.

Next day wonder how the wow people are doing (pops on wow) qq omg do you know that a bunch of people left and now blah is swearing he will distroy the guild? (signs off)

You know i think im just going to study and watch movies for a while.

I really hate people apparently. I like MMORPGs i like doing epic things with hordes of people but not at the cost of being their fucking babysitter or worse yet taking any shit from them.

I am thinking of totally dropping wow all together when warhammer comes out.

If anyone wants in let me know I am basically just going to play with a group of online/RL friends. No more fuck off bastards that get picked up lol.
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