Tobi (saibot) wrote,

Fucking wow man

Fucking wow i swear its more drama than its worth. I am trying to get people raiding and either the healers dont show or the dps doesnt show. Not much worried about the tanking since 80% of its me.

I wish more of you guys where on my server this would be a fuckload easier. We would be in complete end game if you where.

Hint switch to my server fuckers!
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cant return to was hard enough kicking the addiction the first time
plus all the tier 2 gear on my 60 hunter is most likely obsolete by now and would be of no use

that is all. you're better off playing something else. i just recently bought a 360 and have been playing games on that, deleted WoW.

such a shame huh? 3 levels 70's...gone to waste? :p
i'm not interested in the expansion, grinding makes me want to shoot myself, and people take that game so seriously and are so harsh to other people that i lost interest in the game a year and a half ago and stuck around for "friends".

seriously, i don't want to ever play another MMORPG, thanks to wow.
yeah the emo shit is rediculous im kicking people from the guild left and right.