Tobi (saibot) wrote,

Everyones emo

So i see just about everyone i have on LJ is going through some fucking emo moment. My comment to all of you who are is life sucks get over it or kill yerself stop being fucking drama queens or just FUCKING do it already.

Yeah i would make a horrible shrink.

If you need to vent VENT if you need a friend friends are a dime a dozen. JUST FUCKING TALK TO PEOPLE!

If you need rehab to not kill yerself DO IT AND STOP FUCKING TELLING EVERYONE YER GOING TO.

FUCKS sake just fucking do whats blatantly obvious or just end yer life seriously.

If you have a roof over your head running water and food your doing better than alot of poeple. So kill your fucking princess cupcake views of reality or kill yourself. Anything above what i just mentioned should be viewed as a luxury and a pleasure. For fucks sake look at the good you have instead of fucking wallowing in wether yer hairs messed up today or that boy that actualy likes men likes u or not kus u may or may not be 20lbs over or under weight. Fuck you and fuck that guy.

Comment HAVE THE FUCKING GUTS to say something.
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