Tobi (saibot) wrote,

To roll or not to roll

So I am thinking of playing WoW in a small controlled enviroment. 5 people and role playing maybe more laster as a guild but solid I know you well sort of people. Set days/times. This would be helpfull weeding out morons. This would also be helpfull to keep steady control over how much time is spent playing. We have three people so far we need 2 more.

We have yet to decide wether we want to start new characters or if we want to go from 60+ in the new expansion. Either way I am in.

I think if we find another 2 people that have never played before or are new/willing to try it we might just go with new characters.

Shoot me an opinion or ideas I would really apreciate it. Also if you are intrested in joining us.
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