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Heaven or Hell?


8/31/08 01:53 pm - Happy birthday thanks for the grub and sorry for your loss...

SO of all things... on my birthday my mother passes away. More over its 8/23/08 23... again... she was in room 23.

For those of you who dont know me as well the number 23 tends to popup when horribly bad stuff happens.

Most of my injuries where on the 23 or I rode in the 23rd ambulance...

My mother was one of 3 siblings and died at the age of 69. Thats how it came up in the news papers... If you want to go out on a limb... 69/3 is 23....

Maybe we just look for it?

If you think iv attached myself to this menial aspect of what has happened because I dont want to talk about my mother passing then well... no shit.

I have explained 2 of the 3 comments in the subject... ill explain grub later when I feel like venting...

2/7/08 02:44 pm - Gdamn....

Holy crap... so i started my new job which i really like but i have to travel alot and they kina scheduled training during my anniversary....

That being said... Holy crap....

I make 87,534 a year... 11k of it is untaxable...

Holy crap...

10/23/07 02:34 am - WoW Fuck you emo kids fuck the lot of you right in the fucking ASS

I havent played wow in about a week and well it feels good. I think I might be due for another 4 month break until the new expansion comes out. Fucking people. Loyalty? pfft back stabbing loot whores the lot of em.

So I had two groups going for kara at once... at one point there where 42 people in guild online at once. The whining in group 2 began *blah sucks at blah and if blah keeps doing blah i gquit.* Replaces blah with blah and tries again. *Blah is not as bad as blah but is doing blah thing and its anoying and if it doesnt stop i gquit*. Ugh okay tries to talk to blah2 *I dont want to do blah at all i quit* If i cant come to group 1 then I gquit. For fuck sake U CANT ALL THINK U ALL SUCKS AND IF U DO THAT MEANS U ALL SUCK!!!! if you all want to be in group 1 because group 2 sucks guess what? YOU SUCK!

So next day group 2 gquits most if not fucking all of em.

I am all ZOMG group 2 gquit aw fuck i dont care.

Next day. Group1 is hiding from whats left of group 2 group1 cant run anymore because their arnt the key classes online anymore! fucking fuck fuck!

Next day.... Fuck it i dont even want to play now *goes and does a heroic instead.*

Next day QQ ZOMG wtf i am being disrespected cus some one with a vagina has more rank than me *wow is fucking me* gquits like a fucking dumbass *has alt in guild who proceeds to kick EVERYONE he knew out of the guild so he can leech them to his old guild again. Who cant even run a fucking 5 man kus they are all FUCKING HUNTERS and RET PALADINS!

Next day well city of villans isnt bad and theres no stress about group size so u just kina make do with wtf ever you have and its fun.

Next day wonder how the wow people are doing (pops on wow) qq omg do you know that a bunch of people left and now blah is swearing he will distroy the guild? (signs off)

You know i think im just going to study and watch movies for a while.

I really hate people apparently. I like MMORPGs i like doing epic things with hordes of people but not at the cost of being their fucking babysitter or worse yet taking any shit from them.

I am thinking of totally dropping wow all together when warhammer comes out.

If anyone wants in let me know I am basically just going to play with a group of online/RL friends. No more fuck off bastards that get picked up lol.

10/1/07 07:01 am - Fucking wow man

Fucking wow i swear its more drama than its worth. I am trying to get people raiding and either the healers dont show or the dps doesnt show. Not much worried about the tanking since 80% of its me.

I wish more of you guys where on my server this would be a fuckload easier. We would be in complete end game if you where.

Hint switch to my server fuckers!

9/10/07 05:05 pm - Everyones emo

So i see just about everyone i have on LJ is going through some fucking emo moment. My comment to all of you who are is life sucks get over it or kill yerself stop being fucking drama queens or just FUCKING do it already.

Yeah i would make a horrible shrink.

If you need to vent VENT if you need a friend friends are a dime a dozen. JUST FUCKING TALK TO PEOPLE!

If you need rehab to not kill yerself DO IT AND STOP FUCKING TELLING EVERYONE YER GOING TO.

FUCKS sake just fucking do whats blatantly obvious or just end yer life seriously.

If you have a roof over your head running water and food your doing better than alot of poeple. So kill your fucking princess cupcake views of reality or kill yourself. Anything above what i just mentioned should be viewed as a luxury and a pleasure. For fucks sake look at the good you have instead of fucking wallowing in wether yer hairs messed up today or that boy that actualy likes men likes u or not kus u may or may not be 20lbs over or under weight. Fuck you and fuck that guy.

Comment HAVE THE FUCKING GUTS to say something.

4/5/07 07:38 pm - To alijha... and any stalker freaks out there...

eh well i hope u get this lol new address is 540 carillon parkway apartment 2096 33716 St petersburg phone 813-220-5881 eh call let me know when yer getting close so i can let ya in.

2/28/07 09:22 am - World of Warcraft...

Just wanted to see if i could get everyone i started a new character with to join me and julia and some others tonight on the scarlet crusade server. Yes that means Victor and Jaqui =P and anyone else if you are willing/open to create a new char are welcome to come.

2/7/07 09:13 am - Failed!

So I failed my CCNA. I will try again. I guess its good that I failed. I need to be a bit more humble. It wasnt hard so I know I can pass it. I just need more time in studying and maybe a few more books.

1/31/07 07:48 am - To roll or not to roll

So I am thinking of playing WoW in a small controlled enviroment. 5 people and role playing maybe more laster as a guild but solid I know you well sort of people. Set days/times. This would be helpfull weeding out morons. This would also be helpfull to keep steady control over how much time is spent playing. We have three people so far we need 2 more.

We have yet to decide wether we want to start new characters or if we want to go from 60+ in the new expansion. Either way I am in.

I think if we find another 2 people that have never played before or are new/willing to try it we might just go with new characters.

Shoot me an opinion or ideas I would really apreciate it. Also if you are intrested in joining us.

9/10/06 02:19 am - eh neet stuff i kina sorta want but not really

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